Address: 3250 Lacey Rd, Suite 160, Downers Grove IL 60415

About us

Comstock Surgical (CS) is leading supplier of wide range of quality manual surgical instruments at best prices. It roots go back to manufacturing that was started 30 years ago. CS started supplying surgical instruments in Europe first and now in 2017 CS entered in North America market expanding successful business model that enables customer success through innovation and support.


Currently CSI offering these products in USA

·        General Surgery

·        Dental

·        Orthopedic

·        Beauty Care



Our Mission

To be socially responsible and responsive so that we may serve the suffering humanity in the best possible way everywhere in the world.

Our Vision

·        To keep the prices of our quality products at affordable levels for the end users.

·        To continue planning, in advance, to raise the level of our services in future.

·        To be innovative constantly.

·        To win the confidence of our clients based on mutual trust & higher business ethics.

Quality Policy

The CS Quality Policy is summed up as follows: "The world expects results. Don't tell others about the labor pains. Show them the baby!" Thus we, at CS, do not brag about the quality of our products, but sell practical and tested QUALITY MERCHANDISE. We never forget that "an ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises". We, at CS, always seek to achieve the standards, expected of the best organizations in the world.